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I am Simen (pronounced sim-min) and I am a freelance Content writer, Copywriter and Brand Strategist. Gaining experiences through my journey working in different creative disciplines, I am finally here kick starting as a solopreneur helping you with all the writing and branding resources. 


In my journey of being a freelance professional, my love for lifestyle, design, travel, wellness & hospitality along with marketing industries, has enabled me to help many B2B and B2C businesses shape stories that build authentic connections with the right words and value driven solutions.


If you are new or looking to amp up your existing business, whether with content, copy, branding or social media, I’ve got your back!

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"What matters isn't storytelling.

What matters is telling a true story well."

Ann Handley



From value driven SEO blogs to PR write ups, articles and long form content requirements,

I help businesses and brands develop and maintain a consistent brand message across all platforms with effective storytelling that keeps your audience hooked. 

For when words are communicating on behalf of your business, wouldn't it have to be meaningful?

I work on understanding your brand requirements and create effective and persuasive messages that connect and convert your target audience.

Every brand needs a complete picture. From the visuals, tone of voice and social media strategy, a seamless communication helps develop a strong statement about your business. I help you with branding & social media marketing solutions so you can focus on building your business without having to worry about the rest.


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Zohra Keshwani

Manager, Ad Operations at Vice Media.

Professionally, I have been a Mentor to Simen and it makes me so happy to see her career taking off. In the period I have interacted with Simen, she not only came across as a very professionally competent person but also a very friendly and compassionate individual. Simen has the power of words to shape a brand and has the art to write clear, meaningful content in a relatable, conversational tone of voice. Her dedication and sincerity towards the work have been exemplary which has enabled her to be a quick learner in this profession. Simen would be a definite asset to any projects she works on.

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