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Sasuma Ki Mashoor Kachodi

Sasuma Ki Mashoor Kachodi is a homegrown brand focusing on delivering hot and fresh kachodi's - a popular Indian, snack at your doorstep. The brand wanted to highlight the back story on the history of their recipe and bring out the special connection between the founder, Deeksha and her mother-in-law. 

Image by Ashwini Chaudhary



Sasuma Ki Mashoor Kachodi 

Aur teekei meethi yaadien! 



There are people who love to eat and then there are people who LIVE TO EAT. Well, little did Deeksha know that her family’s passion for food and the extraordinary recipes passed down from generations would go on to become inspirational in a way never imagined. One day at a time, she discovered many new food traditions including her mother-in-laws mashoor kachodis. Whether it's a party, festival or a garma garam snack served on a chilled rainy day, her sasumas kachoris would leave everyone immersed in love with its mouth watering flavours. Watching her mother-in-law prepare these delicious kachoris with so much love, inspired Deeksha to share this traditional recipe with many more people giving her Sasuma and other generational recipes the perfect platform - ‘Sasu Maa Ki Mashoor Kachodi’


Sasuma Ki Mashoor Kachodi is more about the emotional bonding with food and an unforgettable experience of chatpata flavours while doing some gup shup with your close ones. Homemade with utmost love and care while being filled with a medley of spices and chutneys, these kachodies are the perfect comfort home food anyone would fall in love with.


Toh deerr kis baat ki? Come together and devour into mouth watering Sasuma ki mashoor kachodis. 



Sasuma Ki Mashoor Kachodi is here to offer you a wholesome experience as you indulge in delicious garma garam kachoris, prepared with a mother’s love and care. As Indians, food has always been the core of our family traditions especially for our mothers. Their love while preparing these delicious recipes make them even more special and we are here to give you that very feeling, every single time you bite into Sasumas Mashoor Kachodis. 


Founded by Deeksha Mishra - a bahu inspired by her sasumas culinary skills, Sasuma Ki Mashoor Kachori brings to life the sweet and spicy flavors of a kachori -  a popular Indian snack along with the experience of coming together and enjoying a wholesome time. 


Indulge in a diverse menu including Sasuma Ki Mashoor Aloo Ki Kachodi and Mele Wali Aloo Ki Kachodi

that take you to a world of potato deliciousness along with Makke Ki Kachodi, Bahuriya ki Matar ki Potli, Lachedar Kachodi and many more topped with Deeksha’s special chili pickle are sure to leave you immersed in the scrumptious flavours of this Indian snack. Not only this, end your meal with a sweet tooth with Sasuma ki kheer and the ever-so-good Gulab Jamun. 


Aagaya na muh main paani? Chalo, saath bethke khaye humare Sasu Maa Ke pyaar bhare hathoon se banayi hui Mashuur Kachodi.



Bringing delectable kachoris right from our kitchen to your home, Sasuma Ki Mashor kachodi is a home grown brand offering Indian snacks passed down through generations. These chatpata kachoris being the star of every family get together, were the inspiration for a daughter-in-law to share her Sasumas majshuur Kachodies so you can indulge in a delicious and affordable snack prepared with utmost love and care.

With a deep love and passion for food, Sasuma ki mashoor kachodis are prepared at home with complete sanitization giving you and your loved ones safe and supremely delectable kachodies delivered hot and fresh at your doorstep.