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What is PR based content?

Public Relations works around maintaining a consistent brand image and communicating all brand activities to a larger set of audience. Naturally, the content for these articles needs to be one that addresses the pain points of the reader, educates them and communicates what the brand talked about has to offer. 


Since most of the PR Articles are ghostwritten, here is a compilation of some of the many PR Articles I have got the opportunity to write about.

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Must Try Pastel Wedding Looks!

Agency  - DSPR

Article for - Shradha Luthra

Authored for makeup artist Shradha Luthra, this content piece focuses on the beauty of simplicity and how brides can adapt to minimalist makeup for their wedding.

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New Launch by 1441 Pizzeria

Agency  - DSPR

Listing for - 1441 Pizzeria

1441 Pizzeria - a popular pizza outlet launched it's new addition - 'The Gourmet Affair' and the listing focuses on that announcement and encouraging readers to indulge in what the brand has to offer.

New Year Plans!

Agency  - DSPR

Listing for - 1441 Pizzeria

A must have guide for when you cannot finalize on your New Year Plans. This Listing focuses on engaging the reader with 1441 Pizzeria's dessert options.


Winter Special - Soul food Edition!

Agency  - DSPR

Article for - Pritam Da Dhaba

The very famous and historic Mumbai restaurant - Pritam Da Dhaba wanted to highlight on how their Punjabi / North Indian cuisines are just perfect for the chilly winters. The article focuses on taking the reader through everything the restaurant has to offer.

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