Antraswar is an online music training platform for young kids. The brand wanted to follow a clear and clean communication help parents understand each of their course details.

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Antraswar is a music institution that was started in 1990 with an aim to introduce young children to different music styles/genres and invigorate a sense of creativity through vocals, instruments and composition. We truly believe that music has the ability to empower, heal and uplift everyone in unique ways and wish to share this with as many music enthusiasts as possible. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that each student has the flexibility to learn and adapt different styles of music at their own pace and comfort giving them the best way to explore their creativity and talents. 



Satyajeet Vijay started SJ Musical Academy in 1990 which has now been renamed Antraswar. Belonging to the Jaipur Gharana and having a strong family background in music, he has grown up around music all his life and holds a postgraduate degree in music from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh along with a degree in Piano from Trinity College, London. 


The innocent and pure enthusiasm of young students to keep learning and growing is what encouraged Satyajeet to begin his music coaching journey.  He truly enjoys working with small children and uplifting them with the knowledge and skills he has gained throughout the years and believes that music is one of the purest art forms which has the healing powers to sooth the unborn child and an expecting mother. Music thus plays an important aspect in the overall development of a child. 


In the many years of being a part of the music industry professionally, Satyajeet has won many awards and has worked on many projects in collaboration with some famous musical legends like Sadhna Sargam and Usha Khanna to name a few. With immense experience in creating and editing music, Satyajeet is known to incorporate and teach different music styles and encourages students to cultivate their curiosities by letting them experience real-life situations independently.



Bollywood drama and epic music! Is there anything in this world that can separate these two? Well, we know bollywood music is undoubtedly one of the most popular music genres across the world along with being the most diverse when it comes to vocals and composition. And although we would casually sing along to our favourite songs, professional learning could be a little different. 


At Antraswar, our music faculties are trained to introduce students to the basics of Bollywood vocals including different styles like folk music, bollywood pop, sufi vocals, rap and many more. The class is designed in a way that is perfect for beginners, taking them to step-by-step guide and giving students the flexibility to opt for learning at their own pace and preferred music or song choice.


With so many opportunities in Bollywood music, this could be just the right way to master your music and singing skills with experienced and extremely dedicated professional trainers at Antraswar. This virtual class comes with a complete course material provided, giving a complete pack for anyone looking to begin their musical journey.


Read through our course details for more information.



Piano/Keyboard being the one of the most versatile music intrestuments, the softness and beautiful melody of the piano notes is something every ear longs for. Embark your child's journey into understanding the techniques behind melody and composition with the modern keyboard and introduce them to an arena of creative expression through instrumental piano music. 


Antraswar has curated this detailed course on Piano and Keyboard lessons keeping in mind complete beginners and has trained professionals that will take the students through a step-by-step process on understanding the details that go around each key and how they can achieve a harmonious composition. Music is just like any other other form, it is only with time and practice that one can truly evolve into this craft. That's the reason, each student is given the flexibility to learn at their pace and get constant guidance from the class instructors.


With virtual classes and a complete course material provided by Antraswar, this course is a complete pack for anyone looking to begin their musical journey. The only prerequisite students require is to have their own instruments to gain practical understanding and practice their way to becoming future pianists. 


Shape your child's musical journey with this beautifully designed Piano/Keyboard course and master trainers at Antraswar. To find out more details about the course, read through the course details mentioned below.



Indian Classical music is more detailed and grounded and gives an overall training on melody, rhythm and composition which acts as a base for any musical experience. Being one of the most ancient forms of music, learning Indian classical enhances voice control and modulation, increasing range and breath control along with an ability to project and throw voice. 


This class has been thoroughly curated at Antraswar in a manner that takes the students through each of these crucial training processes so that they get detailed and all round assistance and are able to adapt easily. Since Indian classical vocals are more detailed than other forms of music, we recommend starting at the age of 5 years so the child gets enough time to develop his/her skills in this category. 


With virtual training, all necessary course materials and an option to learn in a group or individually, students have complete flexibility to opt for an option that suits them best.

The institute also offers training for competitive and valuable  examinations from prestigious platforms like Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Prayag Sangit Samiti and Pracheen Kala Kendra. This also acts as a foundation to a great music career for young students. Build the foundation for your child's musical journey with classical Indian vocals taught by master trainers at Antraswar. To find out more details, read through the course details mentioned below.



Begin your musical journey with the most popular western vocals. With current music trends and the immense amount of creativity in Western Vocals, Antraswar aims to teach all students exactly how to get started with western music genre of their choice. The aim is to guide them in a way that leads them to identify the type of vocals they like and move on to master it. Be it rock music, R&B or pop, this interactive class explores each topic and covers all important lessons that are needed to understand composition, tune and the science behind music and vocal training. 


Incite the musical talent in your child with Antraswar’s detailed class on Western Vocals with interactive virtual classes and all necessary course materials that you have a lifetime access to. The only thing we need is an enthusiasm to learn about the different aspects of vocals. 


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